The Engine department based at Magny-Cours. Preparation and rebuilding with manufacturers and private teams in national and international championships



Since 2004, ORECA Engine has continued to grow. The Group’s engine department is today a top centre for technology. Benefitting from a strategic location, a few meters away from the Magny-Cours F1 circuit, the campus extends over 3 600m², 1 800m² of which are reserved for the workshops. With a guarantee in extreme confidentiality, the centre houses specific equipment such as :

  • Four engine beds, with one bed containing a dynamic asynchronic machine
  • Design/study offices running programmes of the highest technology
  • High-end distribution test bed
  • Metrology and machining workshops
  • Cylinder head wind tunnel
  • Engine electricity department, producing management systems
  • Spare parts store
  • A team of professionals available for on-site assistance

About 40 employees, seven of which are engineers, work on the Magny Cours site, exclusive distributor of MAGNETTI MARELLI products. The experience gained in more than 25 years of competition is available in all disciplines, whether it be conception and development to assembly and maintenance of competition engines.

Bench test

At the heart of the 1 800m² of workspace, ORECA Engine possesses four bench tests, one of which is asynchronic, the only one in France. These are the tools which allow ideal engine development, engine reliability and fuel consumption before ever hitting the track.

  • A dynamic bench test with a dynamic asynchronic machine
  • Identically simulates car functioning
  • Power : 300kW, 10000rpm, 600 Nm
  • Bench controlled by the Kronos program, capable of regulating the engine’s revs and torque.
  • Simulates usage, whether it by rally, circuit or road racing, collecting data relating to revs, charge and time from on board sensors.
  • Temperature regulated room
  • High frequency measuring
  • 3 bench test rooms with engine fluid regulation
  • 3 Borghi engine brakes with a capacity of 800hp and 10000 rpm, capable of handling testing procedures.
  • Temperature regulated room, admission and moisture control
  • High security techniques to monitor engines while on the bench test.
  • Sensor system with brake control
  • Consumption, pressures and termperatures measure
  • ROTRONIC equipment
  • Endurance tests, breaking in, etc.
  • High frequency and combustion pressure measure

Design office

From start to finish, the design bureau has the tools to cover all aspects of engine troubleshooting, from electronics, mechanical and structural concepts, to theoretic and proven studies…

  • Conception and analysis to develop and model.
  • Can manage large projects, from conception to the finished product, on site, for big manufacturers.
  • Engine development studies for constructors and private customers.
  • Chassis, transmission and suspension studies.
  • Workspace equipped with the ADAMS software (cinematic calculations used for rolling tests and crankshafts.
  • Three workspaces PRO ENGINEER : 3D conceptions with one equipped with promécanica (integrated calculation software).
  • CATIA V5 unit.
  • Internally developed software to calculate various pieces, such as camshafts and distribution pieces.
  • Direct computer-to-machining via the DELCAM program.


Throughout the years, ORECA Engine has gathered the necessary equipment to design, machine, assemble and test competition engines. Today the Magny-Cours site is able to conceive and produce an engine from start to finish.


The engine workshop is at the height of the latest technology with dedicated groups for each manufacturer to maintain strict confidentiality. This part of the organisation has been entirely reorganised to put an added value on the engines department. Each workstation benefits from a separation from other areas to improve autonomy. In addition, the workshops contain a stock area.

Cylinder head wind tunnel

Also developed in-house, the cylinder head wind tunnel allows for validation, calibration and comparison of cylinder heads, exhaust, valves and various forms of combustion chambers, as well as the outputs of the inlet system.


ORECA is constantly searching for improvement. Our teams work within a dynamic production system with traceability needed for our clients.

  • Pool of machines
  • Primary materials stock
  • Cylinder rectifier SUNNEN
  • Valve seat machining (SERDI)
  • Polishing cylinders and cylinder housings
  • 3-axe HERMLE CN router
  • RAMO CN Tower
  • Software : CFAO DELCAM (surface and volume)
  • Prototype modeling
  • Engine oil casings machined enmasse, and cylinder inlet fabrication, etc.
  • Various prototype pieces depending on requirements

Bench distribution

Developed in-house – in partnership with Labview by National Instruments – the ORECA Engine bench distribution allows for validation of certain theoretical calculations, as well as performs endurance tests on springs, cupells, etc. The bench is equipped with :

  • A high resolution laser sensor, allowing measurement of the cylinder travel to a precision of 0.01mm
  • A torque sensor to measure power absorbed by distribution
  • An angular coder which, when coupled with the displacement sensor, allows for comparison between the real and theoretical cylinder travel.


There is an area dedicated to quality control of machined parts. An indispensible link in the chain, it helps guarantee reliability. All prototypes or final pieces are inspected and measured before production or assembly.

  • Air-conditioned room
  • Necessary control and inspection tools : marble, MAHR measuring column, rugotest scale, spring measures, micrometers, Subitot, etc.
  • 3D measuring machine – TRI DIM MITUTOYO
  • The area is adjacent to machining and technology laboratory


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