Engineering & Production
This department includes a design office and production tools at the edge

A 360°


Based in Signes, next to the Paul Ricard circuit, ORECA Technolgy’s Engineering & Production department possesses all the necessary tools and substantial know-how in order to carry out projects from the initial idea to the final product.

Alongside a close relationship with loyal and recognised partners, the Design Bureau’s expertise in engineering is complete – CAD, structural calculations, dynamic simulations and CFD. So is its manufacturing skills and know-how – sheet metalwork, processing, composite, electricity and metrology.

Additionally, ORECA Technology has also acquired the most recent advanced tools such as an autoclave oven which guarantees quality and reactivity as well as a digitally-controlled cutting table. The quality control department allows a follow-up that is adapted to competition requirements and many other domains.

Though all of these tools and knowledge are used in house, for the manufacturing of motorsport prototypes, ORECA Technology also provides the greatest automotive brands with them, either for motorsport or series needs. Moreover the department has grown and developed by diversifying itself. Our teams’ work quite often reaches beyond motorsport itself and touches on aviation and nautical fields as well as security and safety sectors. Within this scope of activity, ORECA Technology collaborates with both local SMEs looking for expertise and bigger enterprises seeking for specific skills.


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