The agency that supports for over 15 years corporations, constructors and manufacturers.

The Event Agency, Automobile

Motorsport & Motorsport Entertainment

Having been specialised in motorsport, auto and other related leisure activities for over 15 years, ORECA Events has helped corporations, constructors and manufacturers with brand recognition, awareness and fidelity. ORECA’s history within the business allows it to develop pertinent solutions as well as to offer strong market positioning.

Today, ORECA Events works on behalf of series, driving schools, incentives programmes, public relations, etc.

Events department for corporate use

With ORECA’s vast knowledge and experience in motorsport, the agency helps companies to organise events which contribute to the broadening of their markets both in France and internationally. ORECA brings solutions to their events’ planning and operating : incentives and seminars, public relations, team building, product launches, road-shows and public events.

Operator department

For constructors, manufacturers and circuits, ORECA develops exclusive driving experiences : driving schools, road-shows, creations on demand… From commercial/marketing management to operational implementation, ORECA’s global expertise ensures all aspects of the conducted events.

Series department

This events department’s division organises various championships on behalf of constructors and sporting organisations. In addition to the Porsche Matmut Carrera Cup and the Super Copa SEAT Leon, ORECA became in 2011 the promoter for the French Circuits Championship on behalf of the FFSA -Fédération Française du Sport Automobile (French Federation for Auto Sport).

Circuit operations

ORECA has added another facet to the various activities it is already in charge of by becoming the exclusive operator of the Driving Center, a new leisure track located in the heart of the Paul Ricard Circuit. ORECA is responsible for the Driving Center’s daily management and commercialisation, where leisure, driving and road safety all mix seamlessly.

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