The Manufacturer department. ORECA design and built its own chassis, which clinch wins in sportscar racing




New Le Mans Prototype designed by ORECA Technology for the LM P2 class, the ORECA 05 stands as a technological jewel… Only three months after the first shakedowns in March 2015, the car clinched a historic victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Asian squad KCMG! It had actually notched up its first win just a little earlier in May at the 4 Hours of Imola with Thiriet by TDS Racing. In 2015, for its first season of competition, the ORECA 05 is entered by both KCMG and Thiriet by TDS Racing respectively in the WEC and the ELMS.

Designed around a closed cockpit, this new car integrates innovative concepts. But most importantly, it does not merely settle for the required limits. Future is its DNA, going faster and further than its rivals, its philosophy. That applies to all aspects, especially safety. Thus, some zylon anti-intrusion panels, which are currently not mandatory in LM P2, have been integrated to the chassis. In case of an accident, they prevent mechanical components from coming into the chassis. Similarly, the car also comprises a rear crash box that has been certified via a rear crash test.

Furthermore, the ORECA 05 also differs in its size. Engineers have opted for a 1900mm-wide car, whereas most of the other LM P2s are 2000mm wide. A choice that meets the needs of future 2017 rules and regulations. Some other elements have required specific research. Weight reduction was one of the main objectives on the agenda. Mechanically speaking some of the ORECA 03 components have been upgraded, namely the power steering system – now electric – and the starter. As for the gearbox, it features a latest-generation casing.

Finally, some important work has been done regarding aerodynamics. Performance was a priority, as always. With that in mind, the design bureau refined the slightest details. Besides, the car’s pitch-sensitivity was one of the focus points, allowing customers to easily make the most of a whole range of settings. Once again, that demonstrates how engineers have paid much attention to the teams’ feedback.

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Technical Sheet


  • Monocoque : Carbonfibre & Honeycomb
  • Length : 4.640 mm
  • Width : 1.990 mm
  • Height : 1.045 mm
  • Front track : 1.570 mm
  • Rear track : 1.550 mm
  • Wheelbase : 2.950 mm
  • Weight : about 900 kg


  • Choice free
  • Power output: about 490 bhp
  • Torque: about 55 Kg.m
  • Max. revs : depending on the engine
  • Lubrication: dry sump / staged oil pump
  • Engine electronic control unit : depends on the engine
  • Suspensions : double wishbones with pushrod
  • Tyres, according to the teams choice : FRONT : 30-65/R18 , REAR : 31-71/R18
  • Front rims : 12,5″x18″
  • Rear rims : 13″x18″


  • Supplier : Xtrac
  • Type : Six-speed sequential
  • Gear change : steering wheel-mounted paddles / Pneumatic paddle shift system
  • Speeds : 6 + reverse


  • Ventilated carbon discs
  • Calipers : Brembo

Safety Equipement

  • Six-point harness adapted for hans system
  • Safety rubber fuel tank


  • Carbon – Kevlar Light lamination
  • Race in : 24 Hours of Le Mans, World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series, TUDOR United SportsCar Championship



  • Champion “Teams LM P2” FIA WEC (Signatech-Alpine)
  • Champion “Pilots LM P2” FIA WEC (Nicolas Lapierre/Gustavo Menezes, Stéphane Richelmi)
  • Winner 6 Hours of Bahreïn : G-Drive, Rusinov/Rast/Brundle
  • Winner 6 Hours of Shanghai : G-Drive, Rusinov/Brundle/Stevens
  • Winner 6 Hours of Fuji : G-Drive, Rusinov/Brundle/Stevens
  • Winner 4 Hours of Spa-francorchamps : Dragon Speed, Hedmann/Lapierre/Hanley
  • Winner 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas : Signatech-Alpine, Lapierre/Menezes/Richelmi
  • Winner 4 Hours of Castellet : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Beche/Conway
  • Winner 6 Hours of Nürburgring : Signatech-Alpine, Lapierre/Menezes/Richelmi
  • Winner 4 Hours of Red Bull Ring : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Beche/Hirakama
  • Winner 24 Hours of Le Mans : Signatech-Alpine, Lapierre/Menezes/Richelmi
  • Winner 4 Hours of Imola : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Beche/Hirakama
  • Winner 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps : Signatech-Alpine, Lapierre/Menezes/Richelmi
  • Pole : 6 Hours of Silverstone (G-Drive), 4 Hours of Silverstone (Thiriet by TDS Racing), 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (G-Drive), 4 Hours of Imola (Dragon Speed), 24 Hours of Le Mans (G-Drive Racing), 6 Hours of Nürburgring (G-Drive Racing), 4 Hours of Castellet (Thiriet by TDS Racing), 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas (Signatech-Alpine), 4 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (Dragon Speed), 6 Hours of Fuji (G-Drive), 4 Hours of Estoril (Dragon Speed, 6 Hours of Shanghai (Manor), 6 Hours of Bahreïn (Signatech-Alpine)


  • Winner 4 Hours of Estoril : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Badey/Lapierre
  • Winner 6 Hours of Nürburgring, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Tandy
  • Winner 24 Hours of Le Mans, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Lapierre
  • Winner 4 Hours of Imola : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy
  • 2nd 6 Hours of Bahrain, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Tandy
  • 2nd 6 Hours of Austin, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Lapierre
  • 2nd 4 Hours of Red Bull Ring : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy
  • 2nd 6 Hours of Bahrain, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Tandy
  • 3rd 6 Hours of Shanghai, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Tandy
  • 3rd 6 Hours of Spa, LM P2 : KCMG, Bradley/Howson/Lapierre
  • 3rd 4 Hours of Silverstone : Thiriet by TDS Racing, Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy
  • Pole : 24 Hours of Le Mans (KCMG), 6H Nürburgring (KCMG)


2015 - ORECA 05 LM P2 Test

  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_02.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_03.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_04.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_05.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_06.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_07.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_08.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_09.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_10.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_11.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_12.jpg
  • 2015_ORECA05_Test_01.jpg


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