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ASM Motorsport creates its new R4 Rally Cars Division to prepare vehicles for a new FIA class

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Prestigious Spanish motorsport team creates a specific department within the company to build R4 Rally Cars from the FIA homologated R4 kit, supplied by Oreca.

It will allow brands, teams and drivers to rally at world, continental, and national level events, with high performance 4WD cars and much more affordable prices than other existing categories.

“Creating the R4 Rally Cars Division sets the beginning of a new era for us where we want to focus on international growth. It’s the beginning of a universal project with which we intend to grow worldwide. R4 class opens up a new, appealing scenario for brands, drivers and teams, which can compete in FIA-homologated rallies at much lower prices than WRC and R5”, states ASM Motorsport CEO, Álex Sabater.

Apart from R4 kit installation and homologation, R4 Rally Cars division will manage after-sales and consulting. This way, clients will have their own exclusive restricted area on the website (, where they can read manuals, catalogues and tech specs as well as receive personalised information in both English and Spanish.