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2014_ORECA03R_CFDBy David Floury, ORECA Technology Director

« The ORECA 03 has proven itself and the mechanical base is reliable. With the ORECA 03R, we logically and essentially brought forth aerodynamic evolution, according to the LM P2 regulations, which remains cost conscious for teams. The clear goal is to take the next step in terms of performance according to the specific characteristics of the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit, while remaining true to the spirit of the category. »

The Look
« The ORECA 03R benefits from a new homologation, which includes a Le Mans kit. This means a modification to the front bodywork, with new front wheel covers. The rear has also evolved with new rear bodywork. These new features take into account the new rules introduced after the base concept of the car and its original homologation, such as the openings above the wheels. Overall, our goal was to improve the aerodynamics of the car. There are also finer details, not all directly visible. The front area will not be raced after Le Mans, but the rear bodywork will be used. »

The Objective
AUTO - TEST DAY 24 HEURES DU MANS 2014« With 18 wins in three seasons, the ORECA 03 has won at almost every circuit. However, it never won at the 24 Hours of Le Mans even though it clearly had the potential. The pole positions prove this, as does its reliability. The ORECA 03R, which takes into account the return of customer teams, has this objective to win. The teams hold the cards.»

The Support
« Our customer team support department was optimised to offer better collaboration with these teams. For three seasons now, we win races through them and we are proud to work with these ORECA representatives in LM P2. Our role is to bring the best equipment and the most complete support possible, both with our collaborators who all have field experience, and with our engine technicians. »

The Competition
« We know that our adversaries are very high quality. That’s one of the strengths of the LM P2 class, with different constructors and, generally, good racing battles. This year is a little different with new closed prototypes with a few unknowns, in terms of performance and reliability. In any case, a perfect race will be needed to win such is the competition this year. We have focused on an evolution of a known base, while some of our competition is racing with an all-new car. It will be an interesting game. »