The R4 category comes from the identification of too wide a gap in the World Rally Car hierarchy between the FWD categories represented by R2 and R3 and the 4WD R5 category. This is a real demand from competitors!

    A real universal kit

    The R4 category cars are are equipped with an universal kit that consists of a turbocharged petrol engine and a 4WD transmission. The R4 kit is adaptable to all kinds of mass-produced vehicles, thereby empowering preparation companies and opening the doors of competitive racing to a variety of brands, concessions and importers from around the world through a model of their choice.

    A highly performing category with competitive budgets

    The R4 kit’s performance indicators are targeted below R5-level, with moderate purchase prices and most importantly with a considerably lower running cost. The majority of the consumable parts of the kit are standard and can be purchased locally.

    A worldwide minset

    The R4 kit is developed with a real worldwide mindset, thanks to the base technical regulations that suit are national and regional FIA championships.

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