A universal category that now combines high level of performance and control of budgets.

The kit

The elements of the kit have been developed to withstand the challenges of gravel and tarmac rallying.

  • Engine
    Intake and exhaust manifold, throttle body, turbo, ECU, electrical harness, alternator, starter, power steering pump, flywheel, clutch.
    We recommend to use ELF HTX lubricant.
  • Transmission
    Drive shafts (longitudinal and transversal), gearbox, rear differential
  • Front axle
    Suspension cradles and triangles, complete hub carriers, steering rack, steering tie rods
  • Rear axle
    Suspension cradles and triangles, complete hub carriers
  • Braking system
    Brake calipers, brake discs
  • Fuel system
    Fuel tank complete with internal pumps
  • Chassis
    Suspension mountings to be welded to chassis
  • Documents / Manuals
    All the assembly plans and 3D files on demand.
    Conception guide for the body frame, roll cage and electircal harness.
    Manual for assembly and maintenance

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The kit