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R4 kit officially homologated by FIA and now eligible

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The FIA R4 kit, designed and manufactured, by ORECA got officially homologated by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile on 1st April 2018 under reference VR4K-17-01. Creating a new class of four-wheel drive cars, the R4 rally cars kit is now homologated across the globe and for the next seven years.


Last December, a technical team from FIA was sent to ORECA workshops in Signes (France) as part of the R4 kit’s first phase of homologation. After a close look at all parts (no less than 800), ORECA’s design bureau made changes before the final homologation.
All parts of this kit are now homologated and listed within the homologation form available from ASNs on demand.

Thanks to this homologation form, tuners can now build a card that is eligible for R4 class. Alongside with technical documentation provided by ORECA, they will have all the information required to integrate the kit correctly. It is important to note that all parts mentioned in the homologation form must be integrated to the car for it to be homologated.

Eight days after its homologation, the R4 kit was also made eligible by FIA World Council for all championships nationally and regionally.

It’s now time for tuners and ASNs to work together, with ORECA’s support, in order to get R4 class cars, based on the kit, homologated in all relevant countries.